Victorian Prisoners County Goal Aylesbury
Details of prisoners entering the County Gaol in Aylesbury in the 1870s. The information has been taken from gaol receiving books held at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. Some entries may include photographs, whilst others just include basic details of the inmate's crime, and their punishment.

The prison was opened as a county gaol in 1847 and served as such until 1890 when it became a women's prison. Two new wings were added in 1902 serving initially as an Inebriates Centre and in the 1930s as a girls' borstal. In 1959, the prison was converted to house adult male prisoners and in 1961, it changed again to house young male offenders aged between 17 and 21. In 1989, Aylesbury was designated as a long term young offender institution. Aylesbury holds the longest sentenced young adult males in the English prison system.

Surname Forename Age Place of Birth Place of Residence Parent name Occupation Date received into goal Sentence Crime Photo Notes
BARLOW Emma 26 Birmingham Stony Stratford ? ? 5 January 1878 7 days Drunkeness No  
BROWN Thomas 17 Stony Stratford Stony Stratford   Labourer 9 March 1872 3 months Stealing tobacco Yes In 1881 he was a general labourer living with his mother, Harriet, in Horn Lane, Stony Stratford
CAVE William 40 Wolverton Stony Stratford George Malster 30 March 1878 1 month Stealing sugar from the Master No  
CHRISTIAN James 31 Liverpool Stony Stratford James Bricklayer 9 September 1878 7 days Vagrancy No  
EDMONDS Thomas 24 Stony Stratford Stony Stratford   Railway Labourer 29 January 1859   - No  
EDMONDS Thomas 38 Stony Stratford Stony Stratford   Railway Labourer 6 February 1872 7 days Drunk and riotous No Drunk & riotous: 7 days 3 p.c.'s
GAYTON John 34 Stony Stratford Stony Stratford John Bricklayer's labourer 5 March 1878 3 weeks Stealing peas No  
LEBUTT Thomas 36 Olney Stony Stratford Joseph Tinman 5 April 1871 9 months Stealing paint brushes from master Yes
MAHONEY William 27 Whitechapel Stony Stratford   Bricklayer 23 May 1871 7 days Drunkeness No  
MAHONEY William 27 Whitechapel Stony Stratford   Bricklayer 12 June 1871 7 days Drunkeness No  
PERRY Richard 24 Little Brickhill Stony Stratford   Grocer's carter 1 October 1859   - No  
REYNOLDS Eliza 48 Gosport Stony Stratford   Hawker 4 December 1877 14 days Vagrancy No  
RICHARDSON James 50 Stony Stratford Stony Stratford   Bricklayer's labourer 27 August 1859   - No  
ROBERTS Isaac 18 Calverton Stony Stratford   Shoemaker's Apprentice 23 April 1859   - No  
TOMKINS Mark 30 Calverton Stony Stratford William Bricklayer's labourer 17 June 1878 1 month Assault No
TOMKINS Mark 24 Calverton Stony Stratford William Plaster's Labourer 2 November 1872 14 days Stealing a hen's egg Yes  
TURL William 15 Far Cotton (?) Stony Stratford Dead Clerk 16 April 1878 7 years Stealing a cash box and money No