The Society has a large collection of over 12,000 slides of photographs taken since the 1860's which can be shown to local organisations.
Below are a small sample of photographs, held by the Society, of the surrounding villages and towns of Stony Stratford.
Carrington Arms, North Street, Castlethorpe,
Eviction of widow Gates
on the instructions of a local farmer.
South Street, Castlethorpe.
c. 1914
School Group, Castlethorpe.
Headmaster Mr. H. Middleton
is on the right hand back row.
The photo is dated 3rd February 1898.

New Bradwell
The Boy Scouts in Vicarage Road Bradwell. Major De-Chair inspecting the Parade, the house
in the centre is the village bakers shop.

The Old Baptist Meeting House, Winslow,
built in 1625, now known as Keach's chapel,
Mr George Wichello, deacon and trustee of the chapel, once Winslow's only postman,
he died in 1915 aged 94,
there is a memorial to him in the chapel.
Ox Roast at Winslow, Market Square for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1897. John Key's roasting an or sheep, Mr Walker is on bier.

The Old Post Office in the centre of the photograph closed that year and moved to another premises
in the High Street.

Wolverton Industrial & Provident Society Ltd,
Furniture, Boots and Drapery Department at
60-64 Church Street.
New front on the building in 1937.
Now in 2001 "Maisies Discount Store".
McCorquodales printing works,
Stratford Road, Wolverton 1913,
the firm opened its first premises in Wolverton
in 1878, these buildings were demolished in 1988
McCorquodales large machine department. Wharfedale printing presses, c 1908