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The meetings are held at the Methodist Church Hall, Queens Way, Bletchley.

Wednesdays, starting at 7.30pm




6th September Brick Walls & Lost Ancestors
Everyone left a paper trail and it's almost always possible to find it. Dave Annal's talk will introduce a number of strategies to help you to get round the brick walls and dead ends in your research, including getting the most out of online databases, and advanced techniques such as "family reconstruction"
Dave Annal
4th October Heraldry and the Family Historian
Derek Palgrave's talk will emphasize the way heraldic devices such as shields, crests, badges, cadency marks, etc. provide genealogical clues. A shield with many quaterings provides evidence of many ancestral lines. Derek can also include an outline of the process of seeking a grant for an individual or organisation
Derek Palgrave
1st November Calendars: The Many Ways of Counting Our Days
Colin Oakes will examine how our calendar developed from Republican Rome's through Julius Caesar's "Julian calendar", then the Augustinian changes, Anglo-Saxon modifications, and onto the Gregorian calendar. He will examine the great changes in 1751 and 1752 and the missing days, with some ramifications for dates before 1752, ending with even more changes and leap years, seconds and Atomic clocks
Colin Oakes
6th December Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens
Jef Page's talk is about Dicken's life, the London that he knew and saw - he knew it well, and how his family, experiences and imagination, particularly when growing up, influenced him and came out in his books, ie. "Oliver Twist", "David Copperfield", and "Great Expectations"
Jef Page

Unless stated otherwise, meetings are held at the Methodist Church Hall, Queens Way, Bletchley, starting at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7.15pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available.

For more information contact Lesley Williams on 01525 378082 or Rex Watson on 01525 381751

Non-Members Welcome