Bletchley Archaeological and Historical Society
Bletchley Archaeological & Historical Society

Welcome to our BAHS 2018 Newsletter.

Thanks to Jon we had a great and varied programme of lectures for 2017/18 starting with Kevin Varty's amusing 'Flushed with success' through to Katie Tucker's more serious 'The search for Alfred the Great'.

Also during the last season Roly held an exhibition of his photos at The Fenny Stratford Boat Show and Sue attended the South Midlands, Bucks Archaeological Review Day at Winslow. An excellent day full of interest with speakers including archaeologists Susan Ferns, David Ingham Andrew Manning, Doug Stucker and Gary Marshall; plus Sandy Kidd advisor [GLASS] Eliza Alqasser [BCCA officer] and Claire de Carle[Bucks Gardens trust].

Membership for the past season increased slightly. Unfortunately lecturer's fees continue to rise, so the committee have been looking at ideas to help the society to continue to function well financially whilst maintaining current membership rates.

At the May AGM it was suggested holding meetings in the summer, rather than over winter, as some regular members have difficulty attending in the cold, dark nights. The committee have taken this idea aboard and have now decided to arrange a new season, starting in March 2019, running through April, May and June, breaking for 2 months July and August, then starting again in September through to October and November. The AGM will be held at the end of the new season year in November 2019. This will avoid the cold winter months of December, January and February and the popular holiday months of July and August. During the season we also plan to arrange a new mixture of lectures, get-togethers and informal visits to local places of interest etc. with members providing their own or sharing transport.

So - the next lecture will now be on March 2019, meanwhile, we invite you all to come along to a get-together at Rectory Cottages on Thursday October 4th at 7.30 when we would usually start the season, to discuss more fully and welcome any ideas you may have for future lectures, get-togethers and informal outings. We will also have copies of our revised data protection plan available.

For our MK Heritage Open Day at Rectory Cottages this year- Saturday,Sept 8th 12.30-5.00pm Kevin will be displaying a collection of 'Maps of Bletchley Past' and Sue will be linking with a local area 'Hidden History Walk'. Tea will be served during the afternoon in the lovely back room of the Cottages where you will find an old, hand painted map of the Bletchley, Queensway area, a fine old fireplace and interesting windows, old beams and floor.

Donations of cakes, tray bakes and biscuits to sell will be greatly appreciated, also help with serving customers during the afternoon [contact]. Please continue to promote our Society and spread awareness of the unique Rectory Cottages. We hope you will visit us at Heritage Open Day and DO come to the BAHS meeting on October 4th.

Best wishes Sue and the committee