Bletchley Archaeological and Historical Society
Bletchley Archaeological & Historical Society

Welcome to our new and hopefully improved season for 2019. You will remember on Oct 4th 2018 we discussed possible changes proposed by the committee and the following were agreed to be tried for the 2019 season.

  1. The Lecture Season. Changing the lecture season to start the first Thursday in March, the remaining lectures to be held April, May and June with a short break for summer [July and Aug] then begin again in September, October and finally November.
  2. Lecture Fees. Annual membership to remain the same but a £2 per member extra will be charged per Lecture attended .Visitors will be charged £4.
  3. Social Get Togethers. It was agreed to arrange some social get togethers to share views, news and ideas. These will include a local hidden history walk in May [details later], a visit with guided car tour to Edgehill Battle Ground and Cropredy Bridge in July. A volunteer helpers day at our Heritage Day event on Sat September 14th and a get together in Kevin's garden at Elmers Park in October.

It was also decided to change the Lecture time to 7pm for 7.30 pm start

We look forward to seeing you at our first, very interesting, meeting on March 7th especially the gardeners among you.

Best wishes Sue and the committee.